Fairy Queen's Amethyst

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The Fairy Queen of Oxbow has had her Amethyst stolen! You must travel to Oxbow River Wildlife Sanctuary and help her find it.

How To Solve

Once you're inside Oxbow, you will notice several spots around the edges of the map where there is a single dark patch of water. Each of these are entrances into small lakes where the Fairy Queen has gone fishing! You must find both the Fairy Queen, who is on one of the docks. Afterwards, you must also find Daisy, a tiny purple Shoggoth, who will be by the edge of the water in a different watering hole on the map. Daisy will not be on the docks, she will be by the edge of the water.

When first entering Oxbow, there are a few watering holes. If you travel southeast down the river, you will find more watering holes around the edges of the map.

Daisy has the Fairy Queen's Amethyst. Simply use the command "talk gem" to Daisy and she should give you the gem. Once you have the gem in hand, go find the Fairy Queen and tap on her in order to solve the quest!


  • Bring a scroll of fly
  • Use a Potion of Invisibility
  • The hardest enemy here is a floating eye at the last map and and a basilisk below the waterfall that can petrify you, be quick
  • Do NOT enter the caves. Binyamin had a way of tormenting players that refused to read signs