Oxbow River Wildlife Refuge

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Wm oxbow.png

Opening a map at New Verden's entrance, Oxbow shows up to the east, and a little south. If you find Stoneybrook, you just have to go a little further east. It's sprite on the map will look like a mushroom by a tree.

Oxbow entrance.png

It is recommended you be at least level 5 before exploring here, and level 8 before beginning the Fairy Queen's Amethyst Quest.

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Ability to fly/water walk

What You'll Find

In the beginning area, you'll find a sign that you should definitely read, a few watering holes around the edges (these lead to fishing areas that are relevant for the Fairy Queen's Amethyst, a "Capture The Flag" mansion, a suspicious looking boulder leading to a shop, a river leading south towards the rest of the map, a ruined town to the northeast, and a Souvenir Shop.

On the west end of the map, circled in blue is a souvenir shop. It has t-shirts and specialty foods. Circled in Red is a path to a snow ball fight area (PK area). It also sells some souvenirs.
On the east end of the map, circled in blue is a path to Orcington and the Black Forest. Circled in orange is a boulder that covers a ladder down. This takes you to a path to another souvenir shop which has an item you would need to finish the Scavenger hunt. Circled in red is a mansion that leads to a PK area for capture the flag. Circled in purple is a path that leads to more watering holes that could have the fairy queen for the Fairy Queen's Amethyst quest. There are also a few interesting maps to train in, including the path that leads to Hades.

Notable Areas

  • Hades - Level 20+ area that contains many demons.
  • Black Forest - A low level training area, that contains an elven village. There are a few really dangerous areas. Be sure to read the signs.