Oxbow River Wildlife Refuge

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Opening a map at New Verden's entrance, Oxbow shows up to the east, and a little south. If you find Stoneybrook, you just have to go a little further east. It's sprite on the map will look like a mushroom by a tree.

It is recommended you be at least level 5 before exploring here, and level 8 before beginning the Fairy Queen's Amethyst Quest.

What You'll Find

In the beginning area, you'll find a sign that you should definitely read, a few watering holes around the edges, a "Capture The Flag" mansion, a suspicious looking boulder leading to a shop, a river leading south towards the rest of the map, a ruined town to the northeast, and a Souvenir Shop.

Following The River

Further down the river you will find a another suspicious boulder along the left bank.

Heading down again you will find a Grizzly Bear that isn't aggressive, along with a mushroom that leads to what seems to be the Fairy Queen's home. On the right banks you will find a cave guarded by goblins. Inside is a goblin fortress and at the end you will find The Goblin Chief, and a suspicious looking throne.

Further south you will find a swamp with a cave, a house in a tree, numerous fishing holes long the edges, and a lily pad in a small puddle that leads to a zone warning you not to swim.

Heading Northeast

Here you will find a destroyed village, Northwest you will find a path that leads to more treats left by Bynadmin.




  • Bring a scroll of fly
  • Read the signs, they'll tell you what level you need to be to traverse the caves. Binyamin had a way of tormenting players that refused to read signs
  • The hardest enemy here is a floating eye at the last map and and a basilisk below the waterfall that can petrify you, be quick

Notable Areas


Robe of Decay Location

Binyamin's Castle