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Mages are the undisputed masters of spellcasting in Wyvern.



  • To gain Guild Experience, you must kill monsters with spells.


Inside the city of Fae Wyston.


Humans who join the Guild get a custom image.

Mages gain access to Mage-only armor, weapons, guild shop and access to a special library in the Mages Guild, where you can learn spells for free.

The guild commands are magewho and magetell.

Panthers no longer have reduced Unarmed skill in the Mages guild.

Level Breakdown

Level Title Stats Skills
1 Apprentice +10% base Mana +2 Meditation, -5 all Weapon Skills except whips and staves
2 Shaman +10% base Mana +2 Meditation
3 Thaumaturge +10% base Mana +2 Meditation
4 Magician +10% base Mana +2 Meditation
5 Warlock/Witch +10% base Mana +2 Meditation
6 Sorceror/Sorceress +10% base Mana +2 Meditation
7 Adept +10% base Mana +2 Meditation
8 Magus +10% base Mana +2 Meditation
9 Master Magus +10% base Mana +2 Meditation
10 Archmage +10% base Mana +2 Meditation
Total +100% Mana, +20 Meditation, -5 all Weapon Skills except whips and staves

Player Images

MageSprites.png MageSprites2.png]