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New skills can be purchased from trainers, located in New Verden, Minath Elion, and guilds. There are other areas that a player can train on the outskirts of the town. Skills can also be untrained by the Untrainer. Players are now able to train skills via the, "train" command, however you need the requisite balance in your player bank in order to purchase skills on the go. Skills may be untrained at anytime as well with the, "untrain" command. This refunds skills trained level 5 and above to your in-game bank account. Skills level 5 and below are not refundable due to technical issues. The train and untrain commands have a shared 5 second cooldown.

New Verden

Training Hall

The New Verden Training Hall houses many skill trainers.

Training Hall

Magic Shop

First Floor

Top Floor

  • Trainers for all magical arts and elements

Mages' Guild at Fae Wyston

  • Lore and Meditation trainers
  • Trainers for all magical arts and elements

Minath Elion

Training Hall

Paladin's Guild

Crown Lounge



Abondoned Temple Complex

  • Blades Trainer

Olgar's Hut

Just west of NV on the other side of some mountains is Olgar's Hut

  • Bererker Trainer


f(n) = Base Cost * n where n <= 10 f(n) = (Base Cost * n)* 2^(floor(n/5)-1) where n > 10

Level Starts at 500g starts at 1000g Starts at 2000g
1-10 500g * new level 1000g * new level 2000g * new level
11 ? 22000g 44000g
12 ? 24000g 48000g
13 ? 26000g 52000g
14 ? 28000g 56000g
15 ? 30000g 60000g
16 ? 64000g 128000g
17 ? ? ?
18 ? ? ?
19 ? ? ?
20 ? ? ?