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Welcome to the Wyvern Wiki!

WyvernSource hosts the main Wiki for all Wyvern content. Wyvern is an Indie, old-school graphical MMO-RPG, inspired by games like Gauntlet, Nethack, and Ultima IV. Wyvern is a huge and diverse world: the game has been around 20+ years and is in continuous development. Wyvern is here for Steam, Android, and iOS! You can find Wyvern in the Steam Steam Store, the Apple iOS App Store, and the Google Play Store.

Key Features

Some of Wyvern's rich, exciting features include:

  • 18 races from humans and elves, to fighting cats, giants, vampires and more
  • 7 guilds that allows you to further specialize and fine-tune your character's abilities
  • Customize your character the way you want by visiting 30+ different skill trainers located across the continent.
  • Visit 30+ towns & cities and thousands of beautifully handcrafted maps.
  • Infinite dungeon crawl for experience and treasures.
  • Raid bosses, Live Quests, and other endgame events
  • Custom images: At 25th level, you can upload your own avatars to fully personalize your character
  • Minecraft-like Builder Mode that anyone can use to create their own areas.


Wyvern subreddit

Wyvern Source

Steam Store Page


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Got questions? Find the answer in the sections below!

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