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Dwarves are a short, powerful, race of warriors known for the length of their beards and their love for gems and precious metals. They are a sturdy folk, shorter than humans but more massively built. The city of Varak, northwest of New Verden, is the seat of the dwarven monarchy. The current ruler of Varak, Dwarf King, presides over the city from the Hall of the Mountain King. The dwarven monarchy appears to have a strong relationship with members of the stone giant race, as a notable portion of the Varak guard is composed of stone giants.


1. helmet (crown, hat, etc.)

2. chestpiece (golden plate, robe, toga, etc.)

3. cloak (cloak of bat, elven cloak, etc.)

4. girdle (or sash, if monk)

5. boots

6. bracers (or wrist wraps if monk)

7. gloves (gauntlets, gloves)

8. 1-h weapon and/or shield, or one 2-h weapon


Statistic Value
Hit Points 60
Hit Points per Level 5
Spell Points 30
Spell Points per Level 3
Base Strength 100
Skill Points 3
Skill Level
Axes 4
Blacksmithing 4
Jeweler 1
Resistance Magnitude
Poison 100%
Magic 25%
Smash 25%
Cut 25%
Stab 25%
Fire 25%
Cold 25%
Shock 25%
Acid 25%

Notable Dwarves

Dwarf King, ruler of Varak

Axe Master, trainer for the Axemans Guild


Dwarves will often greet travelers with the expression "Baruk Khazad!".