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Type Monarchy
Executive Dwarf King
Population 76
Dwarf 48 (63.16%)
Stone Giant 18 (23.68%)
Human 10 (13.16%)

Varak is a city located in the mountainous region to the northwest of New Verden near the Jaer Gulf. The city is bordered to the southeast by a large forest. The city is the seat of the Dwarven monarchy. Varak is home to the Axemans Guild and the Hall of the Mountain King. The western portion of the city is the market district of the city where shops, the local tavern and a bank can be found. The east of the city is largely made up of dwarven homes. The Hall of the Mountain King and the Axemans Guild are located in the north of the city. On the northeast edge of the city there is a waterfall, graveyard and some ruins. A river flows into the waterfall and then to a lake in the center of town. At the southern entrance to the city, two guard towers stand protected by stone giants. The valley to the south of the city is inhabited by wolves, making travel to the city difficult for inexperienced adventurers. A significant amount of the city guard is composed of stone giants which may indicate a strong relationship between the dwarven race or the monarchy of Varak and stone giant race. A second unnamed town is in Varak and is encountered when following the Eye of the Dragon quest. It has basic shops.