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Wyvern User Interface

  1. Food Level
  2. Carrying Capacity: The number of pounds a character can carry.
  3. XP to next level: Shows the amount of experience needed to obtain the next level.
  4. Commands
  5. Social Commands
  6. Atmospheres:
  7. Ground
  8. Smart Heal
  9. Game Menu
  10. Log Out
  11. Who: Shows a list of the players online.
  12. Say
  13. Send a Message: Send a private message to a player.
  14. Shout: Send a message to all players on the server.
  15. Stash Item
  16. Sell
  17. Shoplist: List everything in a shop.
  18. Inventory
  19. Spells
  20. Ready a Kept Item
  21. Fire Pad
  22. View Profile
  23. Send Command
  24. Hit Points: How many health points you have available. Remaining HP/Total HP.
  25. Spell Points: How many spell points you have available. Remaining SP/Total SP.


Aliases are essentially shortcuts that you can type into the command. Each alias can have up to 4 commands (3 semicolons). When the alias shortcut is a single key, simply pressing that key will invoke the command.

Note that aliases are different from the button-bar in that the button bar has visual shortcuts (buttons), whereas aliases are text-bindings.

Associated Commands

Lists your current aliases
alias <shortcut> <command> 
Creates a new alias
unalias <shortcut> 
Removes the indicated alias

For example, typing in alias fs cast firespray will cast firespray whenever you type in fs.

Other examples:

  • alias fs cast fireball; cast fireball; cast blizzard; cast blizzard will cast all 4 spells successfully (almost at same time, no lag).
  • alias #atmospheres cast bravery; cast resist fire; cast resist petri; cast resist cold will cast all 4 spells when the atmosphere's button is tapped. Note that you don't need to type in full spell names (same with items, etc).

Useful Aliases

There are 3-4 side buttons you can alias: #social (2nd from top left button), #atmospheres (3rd from top left button), #spells (2nd from bottom right button), and #race (hand button) (it's only possible to alias #race if the character's race doesn't have racial abilities, such as Humans and Dwarves. Haflings, Giants, Pixies, Nagas, etc can't alias #race)


  • alias #social shrink; cast minor healing; cast minor healing; grow is very useful for giants to heal efficiently
  • alias #atmospheres autocast speed; autocast resist fire; autocast see invisible; autocast glimpse would be a useful alias to cast all your helpful "atmospheric" spells

You can also alias shortcuts for speaking:

  • alias au auction allows you to much more simply type in the auction channel; by simply typing au wtb xyz, you will shout "[auction] wtb xyz"
  • alias rp reply allows for a shorter reply command
  • alias wtb auction want to buy<code> for a quick solicitation on the auction channel, eg: <code>wtb dsm

Invoking taps with aliases is also possible: alias 5 mouse 6 6 will alias 5 to tap on the character's tile if the viewport is set to 13x13 tiles (an intuitive alias for numberpad users)

Healing Spells
It's useful to alias some of your healing spells so you can survive. Here are some examples:

alias e cast minor healing; cast minor healing <- this will cast 2 instances of the minor healing spell. You can adapt this for your other healing spells as well.

Damage Spells
If you're a mage, damaging spells are your bread and butter! Here are some examples of how to setup your spells:

alias x cast fireball
alias x cast fireball; cast blizzard
alias c cast thunderstorm
alias z cast boulder bash

Startup commands
Startup commands are the things that happen when you login and can be helpful in getting your autocast spells ready to go

startup add autocast mana shield; autocast resist fire; autocast resist cold; autocast resist shock <- this will make you start casting all of these spells the moment you login and refresh them the moment they expire.

In general, aliases are the way that you can make your life easier in Wyvern. But they're not just for casters! You can use aliases as a melee character too...

alias o drink potion of speed; drink potion of strength
alias p drink potion of fire end; drink potion of cold end; drink potion of shock end <- this will drink three resist potions with one button.
alias e drink potion of medium healing <- useful for a quick heal!
alias y apply portable hole <- this one will let you jump into your portable hole to dodge harmful spells or catch a breather.

Quit alias
Perhaps one of the most useful aliases is the Quit button. Things can get hairy in Wyvern and a smart player knows when they've bitten off more than they can chew!

alias ` quit <- every time you press the "`" key, you'll quit the game. Useful for saving you from death!

Aliases for status healing
Do you miss the smart-heal button on PC? Get yourself a unicorn horn! Setting up an alias like this will cure MOST of your status ailments.
alias t apply unicorn horn
One thing to remember is that a unicorn horn won't work if cursed, so keeping it in a bag is useful. Try this:
alias t get unicorn horn from bag; apply unicorn horn; put unicorn horn in bag

The status conditions that won't be cured by a unicorn horn are fear and petrification, so it is wise to have a way of dispelling them aliased too. Here are some examples:
alias f apply rod of dispel fear <- this will use the first matching rod from the first wand quiver in your inventory.
alias r drink potion of stone to flesh <- this will drink the first matching potion from the first elixir pouch in your inventory.

More Details

You cannot call aliases from within an alias. For example, if you have:

  1. alias x action 1; action 2
  2. alias y action 3;
  3. alias a x y

Then typing "a" will not run the x nor the y aliases.

You can, however, invoke button bar commands: alias ! button-bar-1 will make shift + 1 use button-bar 1.

How commands choose which items to use?

When you use a command to tell the game you want to drink a potion, read a scroll or use a magic rod without asking to retrieve it from a container in your inventory, it will first search your main inventory (items out of containers) and use the first matching item. If there is no matching item, it will then search only the FIRST elixir pouch, scroll tube or wand quiver, depending on the item to be used, and use the first matching item inside it.

The appropriate commands for the game to search the containers are: "drink" for potions, "read" for scrolls, and "apply" for rods. Using a different command, such as typing apply potion of petrification endurance will only use a matching potion located directly in your inventory, outside of elixir pouches.

Healing and Recovery

This is a broad overview of healing and recovering from damage to survive in the wonderful (and dangerous) world of Wyvern.

In Wyvern, when your HP drops to 0, you die. Death above level 5 results in lost experience points. The goal of this guide is to keep your HP above 0, to live long and prosper! There are 4 main methods to keep your character alive.

  • Healing skill
  • Spell healing
  • Rod healing
  • Mana shield

Healing skill

Healing skill directly increases your HP healed per tick. HP recovered every 5 seconds = 3 + (HealingSkill * 2). For example, at 10 healing, you'd recover 23 HP every 5 seconds. At 20 healing, 43 HP every 5 seconds. This is the most standard, cookie-cutter method to surviving. It's a set amount of healing so at certain points as a mid to high level player, you will need to supplement this natural healing with potions of healing at times to adapt to the monsters. 10 healing will work just fine to heal you up as you smash through Shoggoths as a Giant, but when you're fighting an Arch Dracolich and his 3 summoned Ghasts, you're going to need a lot more recovery than 23 health every 5 seconds. You'll need to either use several potions of heal (full hp, 5k gold cost) or disengage once or twice to let your hp heal (run away off screen, or use a portable hole to hide and not take damage while you heal).

Spell healing

This is a method that uses spells to converts mana to HP to stay alive. The main healing spells used to maintain your health are Minor Healing, Medium Healing, and Major Healing. The benefit to spell healing is instant access to hp. Taking more damage than you expected from that Demon Lords Dragon Breath and that Reapers poison right behind you? You have the use of your mana to heal your HP at will.

Spell healing requires that you wear mostly non-bungling armor (note: weapons do not bungle), so as not to bungle your spell. If you wear multiple plate items, for example, when you try to cast minor healing, it will say: You bungle the spell.

Cloth and Gold equipment do not bungle. The more bungling gear you wear (bronze, iron, steel, etc.) the higher the odds are of bungling. Some players may get away with 1 metal item, like Gauntlets of power, and only bungle a small percent of your spells, making it manageable to wear without cutting down on your spell healing total. To cast healing spells effective, you need to:

  • Train skills in: lore, life magic, incantation, meditation.
    • Lore: you need lore skill and lore points to learn healing spells. Minor healing is lore 1 and costs 1 lore point, major healing is lore 5 and costs 5 lore points.
    • Life magic: this increases the amount of HP healed per healing spell casted. Generally want to have this between 3-10 for sufficient healing spells, but it's possible to get by with less.
    • Incantation: this reduces the mana cost per cast. At 0 incantation, minor healing is 5 sp per cast. The big increments for incantation are 3, 5, and 7.
    • Meditation: increases mana gained per tick by 1 + (SKILL LEVEL) over 5s. So 10 meditation would yield 11 sp per tick, 20 med would yield 21 sp per tick. Without meditation, you could always supplement with mana potions to recover your mana.
  • Status effects: some status effects make you bungle, namely confusion and fear. When confused or feared, you can bungle even if you're wearing full cloth, and you'll bungle even more if you're wearing metal armor. Best way to address this on a spell healer is ring of Iron Will, which makes you immune to confusion and fear.
  • Time stop: some enemies in Wyvern use Time Stop spell, which stops players from using any spells, whether an actual spell or rod. This is considered extremely deadly to any healers as your HP simply won't recover since you won't be able to use a spell or rod to heal while in the map of the enemy who has stopped time. These enemies are rare but especially deadly.

Rod healing

This is one of the more unique methods, as it is very flexible. Rods do not take into account what type of armor you wear, or status effects. So even if you're decked out in full plate armor and are confused or feared, your rod will still work. The drawback here is the cost in gold and the cooldown, which is 4 seconds per rod per cast. Rods have a set amount of skills, so even if you're a caveman with -10 life magic, when you use a rod of major healing it's like casting it with 5 life magic. Incantation affects rods just like actual spells, so refer to above spell healing part for mana costs.

  • Note: rods do not share a cooldown, so it is possible to have multiple rods of healing to use multiple healing spells regardless of the cooldown. For instance, if you wanted to you could alias all 4 of the changeable macro buttons on screen (smart-heal, #atmospheres, #social, #racial) to use different rods of major healing.
  • Example: alias smart-heal use rod of major healing 1, and use that as your go-to cast. Then alias #atmospheres use rod of major healing 2, and use that in succession to heal after you've used the 1st button. Rinse and repeat for all 4 programmable buttons for maximum healing (4 spells in 4 seconds).

Mana shield

The last method to survive uses the Mana Shield spell to convert your mana to HP. When you use mana shield, whether through the spell (lore 3) or through a potion, it converts a percent of damage you receive into your mana pool rather than your HP. Since your mana is essentially HP now, you'll want to have either plenty of meditation or some mana potions to recover your mana.

  • Usually people will either get some points in healing skill, or pick up minor heal and some life magic to recover HP while mana shielding. Although at a high skills in Spirit element, you'll take majority damage to your mana, your HP does take some on most hits, so it's important to think about HP as well when mana shielding.
  • Potions of mana shield are relatively effective, but for max mana shield you need 7 spirit (for maximum % damage blocked with mana). Mind skill increases the duration of the spell, it starts at 1 minute with 0 skills, and increases by 1 minute for each point in Mind.
    • The spirit value of potions is around 5, so it's a fair alternative to the real spell for some builds.


If you're wearing a lot of armor that causes bungling, or under the effects of some spells, your chance of botching the spell increases. The more armor you have on that can cause bungling, the higher your chance of bungling the spell. Some special kinds of armor allow you to cast spells without penalty.

Bungling the spell still charges you the spell points for the spell.

Armor List

All non-cloth armor (aside from girdles and any boot), bungle. All gold, except for helm of brilliance, do not bungle. Most mages wear (crown/circlet/wizard hat), golden breastplate or wizards robe, or robe.

Don't affect spellcasting:

  • Rings
  • Amulets
  • Boots
  • Cloaks
  • Bracers
  • Girdles
  • Crown / circlet / golden breastplate
  • Fancy white gloves

Affect spellcasting:

  • Body armor
  • Shields
  • Helmets
  • Non-cloth gloves (gauntlets of dexterity, power etc)
  • Helm of Brilliance (gold but still bungles)
  • Leather armor aside from girdles, bungle slightly


Wyvern has many damage types and status effects. Below is a table with different ways to get resistances for them.

Type Spell Tiles1 Potion Scroll Spell Race Armor
Cut Sandstorm.gif N/A N/A N/A 25% - Dwarves Armor
Stab N/A N/A N/A N/A 25% - Dwarves Armor
Smash Earthquake anim.gifBoulder blast anim.gif N/A N/A N/A 25% - Dwarves Armor
Acid N/A N/A N/A N/A 25% - Dwarves Armor
Fire Fire anim.gifPris anim.gifFrostflame anim.gif 80% - Potion of Fire Endurance 75% - scroll of fire resistance min(50 + 5 * fire skill, 90)% - resist fire 100% - Fire Giants

25% - Dwarves

Cold Blizzard anim.gifPris anim.gifFrostflame anim.gif 80% - Potion of Cold Endurance 75% - scroll of cold resistance min(50 + 5 * water skill, 90)% - resist cold 100% - Frost Giants

25% - Dwarves

Shock Lightning.N.pngLightningshield anim.gifThunderstorm anim.gifWrath anim.gif 80% - Potion of Shock Endurance 75% - scroll of shock resistance min(50 + 5 * air skill, 90)% - resist shock 100% - Storm Giants

25% - Dwarves

Petrification Petrification anim.gif 90% - Potion of Petrification Endurance 90% - scroll of petrification resistance min(50 + 5 * earth skill, 90)% - resist petrify 100% - Stone Giants Armor
Poison Poison cloud anim.gifPoison breath anim.gifPoison wave anim.gif 90% - Potion of slow poison N/A min(50 + 5 * life skill, 90)% - slow poison 100% - Dwarves

75% - Pixies

70% - Vampires

25% - Nagas

20% - Halflings

Magic (aka Spectral) Howl anim.gif N/A 80% - scroll of magic resistance min(50 + 5 * spirit skill, 90)% - resist magic 25% - Dwarves

20% - Halflings

Death2 Death anim.gif N/A N/A N/A 100% - Vampires Armor
Fear3 Fear anim.gif 90% - Potion of bravery N/A min(50 + 5 * mind skill, 90)% - bravery 100% - Lions

100% - Dark Elves

50% - Vampires

50% - Lupines

Confusion Confusion anim.gif N/A N/A N/A 100% - Pixies

100% - Lions

50% - High Elves

Paralysis Paralysis anim.gif 90% - Potion of Free Action 90% - scroll of paralysis resistance min(10 + 10 * mind skill, 90)% - free action

min(50 + 5 * mind skill, 90)% - resist paralysis

100% - Pixies

100% - Lions

50% - High Elves

Slow Slow anim.gif 90% - Potion of Free Action N/A min(10 + 10 * mind skill, 90)% - free action 100% - Pixies

100% - Lions

100% - Leopards

100% - Wood Elves

Curse Curse anim.gif N/A 80% - scroll of resist curse min(50 + 5 * spirit skill, 90)% - resist curse N/A Armor
Drain N/A N/A N/A min(50 + 5 * spirit skill, 90)% - resist drain 100% - All races at level 40 Armor
Sun Sun anim.gif 80% - Bottle of SPF 80 sunscreen

75% - Bottle of SPF 50 sunscreen

75% - Bottle of SPF 30 sunscreen

N/A min(10 * (death skill / 4), 80)% - darkness 100% - All races except Vampires Armor

1Avoid spell tiles that you do not have the appropriate resists for

2Death spells will use the higher of Magic Resistance and Death Resistance

3Fear immunity is highly recommended