Random Dungeons

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Random Dungeons (RD) are procedurally generated, infinite maps found all around Wyvern. Typical RD's feature random monsters in a room with 7-15 rooms per floor. The level of monsters and difficulty increase and scale the deeper you go, although some RD's start at a higher level.

You could get an early start on adventuring in a RD even after you create your first character. A few RD's located near the beginning area include Davos Well, and Minath Elion Well or Sewer.

Monster Spread

Up to RD level 20: max monster level = RD level

RD levels 21-24: max monster level = 20

RD levels 25+: level 21 monsters

RD levels 30+: level 22 monsters

RD levels 35+: level 23 monsters

RD levels 40+: level 24 monsters

RD levels 50+: level 25 monsters (Reaper, Riagor)

RD levels 60+: level 26 monsters (Angel, Kirin)

RD levels 70+: level 27 monsters (Dreadclaw)

RD levels 80+: level 28 monsters (Onryo, Acid Hydros)

RD levels 90+: level 29 monsters (Jabberwock)

RD levels 100+: level 30 monsters (Demon Lord, Archangel)


For further information, select a RD from the list below.

Name Recommended Level Location
Avendale Caverns 4 Bura Shaan
Davos Well 4 Davos
Davos Crpt 4 Davos
Henteko Forest 4 Henteko
Minath Elion Well 4 Minath Elion
Minath Elion Sewer 4 Minath Elion
Varak Well 4 Varak
Fae Wyston Well 4 Fae Wyston
Ghanar Fyr Well 4 Ghanar Fyr
Ghanar Fyr Cave 4 Ghanar Fyr
Rakshasa Harmya Well 4 Rakshasa Harmya
Almien Well 4 Almien
Fairy Fountain 4 Minath Elion
Ghanar Fyr VIP 20 Ghanar Fyr
Eastern Arch 20 World Map
Minath Elion Sky 20 Minath Elion
Danjon 20 Bandar Gaah
Crown Lounge 25 25 Minath Elion
Crown Lounge 35 35 Minath Elion
Crown Lounge 40 40 Minath Elion
Crown Lounge 45 45 Minath Elion
VIP 50 50 Minath Elion