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Name Notable Rewards/Features Description
King Ramsay's Tomb Ramsas crown.pngKing Ramsay's Crown
Crypt of Ernzof Frost girdle.pngRoyal Frost Girdle

Hoarfrost.png certain monsters here drop hoarfrost, the reagent for the Frostbite spell

Fae Wyston Catacombs Boots ettin.pngEttin Boots

Bracers flame.pngFlame bracers

Mummy wrapping.pngGraverobber's Wraps

Sock normal.pngGraverobber's Tail Sock

Ring10.pngElite Rings

The Moon Spacesuit top.pngspace suit top

Spacesuit bottom.pngspace suit bottom

Hades Has the altar that forges Scythe chaos.pngChaos

Final Boss has a chance of dropping a Faerie dragon mail2.pngFaerie Dragon Scale mail

Noir Skull Cave Has the altar that forges Scythe dream eater.pngDream Eater
Beneath Samhoc Artifact Cyclone Gauntlets
Binyamin's Castle Binyamin's Tail

Binyamin's Crown

Propeller Beanie

Goblin Fort Bossshield.pnggoblin workboss' shield

Earthrobe.pngRobe of Rubble

Ramstaff.png Ram staff an item used in the Scavenger hunt mission