Orb of Maiye

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Quests needed completed before trying this quest:

How to Solve

1. If you have already solved those quests head to Isle of Maiye. Once you get there go 3 maps south. Then go west three maps, then south, west, north two maps, and west 3 maps. You should have reached some shops with pixies. Once you are there go west 7 maps, one map south, two map southwest then one map west. You should be on a map with troll guards. Go north one map and you should see a tower called 'Grand Wizard's Amethyst Tower'.

2. Enter the tower and keep going north until you are in a room with 8 lamps. Stand on each one and tap on the one you are standing on. Sometimes you summon a random monster or get a amethyst. You are looking for a lamp that gives a key called 'key of passage' the lamp that gives it says 'You shine the lamp find something very special'. The best way I found to find the key is once you get to the first room of 8 lamps check each one and keep going east. Once you go back to the first room where you checked the lamps go one map north and repeat.

3. Once you have the key go back to the entrance and through the rainbow portal. The Npcs will ask you to take items that are in the floor to a npc from the completed quest to confirm that you have completed them. Westerly Forest, Jinoir, Tornaum Castle, etc.

4. Once you have finished all of those you reach a room with a orb of maiye. Grab it and go back to the map with the pixies and shops. Take the bottom east entrance and you should see a shoe house. Enter it and talk to the old witch and choose the 'trust' option. She tells you to get a reagent, go back to the magic shop and get the reagent she is asking for. Go talk to her and she gives you a key.

5. In the same room, apply the lever behind the clock. Go east and take the portal and talk to the fairy queen to finish the quest.


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